Have yourself a red and blue Christmas

If you haven’t noticed by now, my FAVORITE color is blue–aqua, turquoise, teal, you name it I love it. I will find a way to sneak it into any holiday. So if you didn’t know that, you know now. With that being said, you can now prepare yourself for my untraditional Christmas decorations. You may notice some of Avery’s favorite color, purple.

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Zach & Caitie’s peach-of-a-wedding

Yesterday evening was Zach & Caitie’s wedding & the reception was at Tartan Park Golf Course. It was so gorgeous that I had to beat the guests to the club house and sneak some pictures of décor and the beautiful color pallet of Coral, Peach, Silver and Charcoal before everyone started arriving.

I was honored to help Caitie out by making her cupcakes, cake, and of course lugging along my infamous ever-morphing cupcake stand. (Shout out to my Mom for helping with the set-up and take-down of that beast.) The massive cupcake stand was originally built by my Dad for my best friend’s wedding back in 2010, but since then I have had some opportunities to use it & re-decorate it for weddings of friends or family a couple times a year. Other than that, its a big dust collector in my parents’ garage!

I’ll admit I was pretty nervous about the cake because I’m no cake decorator and I consider myself to be better at cupcakes than cake but Caitie is pretty laid back and gave me free reign with the cake as long as I incorporated her wedding colors. I’ve always liked the “rose cake” you see on Pinterest all the time and the technique is pretty easy so I did that with an artificial flower & some ribbon. Here are some pictures of the awesome color pallet:

coral flowerspopcorn bartartancoral 4wedding cupcakes 2wedding cupcakes 1

I took this photo at my house, so excuse the blue. It was not one of the wedding colors ;)

I took this photo at my house, so excuse the blue. It was not one of the wedding colors 😉