Avery in the leaves

Yesterday I took some pictures with my phone of Avery in my parent’s backyard.  It’s been a tradition every fall and we kept it going this year, Avery’s FOURTH fall!  A majority of the leaves have now fallen off the trees and the blanket of autumn colors is stunning! I LOVE their backyard this time of year.  The pictures would be a lot more “professional” and perhaps the bite marks on Avery’s chin (rolling my eyes) would be photo shopped off if our family photographer, Shannon Peckels, had taken them. However, the leaves were on the ground and it was spur of the moment. Maybe sometime my hubby will buy me a real camera. 😉 fall 1 fall 2 fall 3 fall 4 fall 5 fall 7 fall 8 fall 9 fall 10

Love this one :)

Love this one 🙂

We like to take pictures in Grandma & Grandpa’s yard every fall. Here is a peek of his very 1st fall in 2010…

fall 11


One thought on “Avery in the leaves

  1. Love these! So sweet!
    If you ever do need something photoshopped, just let me know. I probably love playing with photos a little more than I should. 🙂

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