Woodland Animal Birthday

Trust me, its pure coincidence that two different friends had daughters turn 1 within a few weeks of each other and asked me to do the treats for their party.  And if it that were not a coincidence enough, I could tell you that they live on the same street. You might remember seeing Gretchen’s Fishy party.  This time was Evelyn’s Woodland animal party. Did I tell you they are both adorable and I love both of their names? Well I do. So there.

Moving on to the photos:

As you can see I used all sorts of debris from M&M’s to Oreos, to pretzels, to mini vanilla wafers, to licorice ribbons to chocolate chips. Note: When you use things like pretzels or vanilla wafers on cupcakes or cake, the moisture from the frosting makes them soggy after about a day. My advice: GET OVER IT, IT’S FOR LOOKS. 🙂 Anyways, I could have done more animals but I stuck to 4: Fox, Bear, Owl, Deer…or is it a Moose.  Evie’s favorite is the Fox.

photo 5woodland 3bird cake 1photo 1

I found this frosting technique on Pinterest. Here is a tutorial from a great blog.


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