Making Memories

If you’re like me you have some sort of memories that come to mind when you think of your Grandparents that are unique to your relationship with them. Something special you did together, some where you went, a certain game you always played, a favorite meal or dessert. For me it’s playing Sequence, Grandma’s Roast Beef, going to the “frozen yogurt place”, watching the Cubs, the smell of Christmas ham, sleepovers, M&M’s from Grandpa, the word “nifty”, Montgomery Wards, eating cherry pie at midnight…you get the drift. I can go on for days.

Anyways, the point I’m trying to make here, is these things are priceless. I would rather have the memories that I made with my 4 Grandparents, than all the money in the world. I feel tremendously blessed that my son, Avery, has already at the age of 3 1/2 started to form these kind of repetitive memories with each one of his Grandparents. Fishing & claw machine winnings with Papa Mike , Playing bongo drum, the “belly belly belly” game & the Copper Dome Restaurant with Grammy Sue, going to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market & trail walks with Grandma & Grandpa just to name a few.

Ever since Avery was a newborn infant my Mom has taken him on walks when I’m at work. She teaches him about birds, insects, flowers and all things nature. It’s more than just a walk, it’s developed into a “treasure hunt” and he even sometimes brings something to collect things on the trail. He went from riding in the stroller all bundled up with his “binky” to today’s walk on which he rode his bike.

My Mom goes on a long trail walk every day & Avery and I asked to join her today because my husband had two softball games. Shortly after we started walking my Dad called to ask where we were on the trail. He had driven over to where we park to see if my Mom’s car was there and saw both of our cars.  So, he huffed & puffed to catch up with us, which wasn’t too hard because Avery kept stalling to collect “treasures”.

It was a beautiful evening and there were little hints of fall popping up everywhere! I’m still shocked that Avery road his bike the whole FOUR MILES other than the last 1/4 mile or so that Grandpa carried Avery and I carried the bike. I’m convinced he would have kept riding longer except it had gotten dark and riding you bike in the dark woods doesn’t appeal to this scared-of-the-dark 3 yr. old.

My hope is that Avery never gets too old or too cool to go on trail walks with Grandma & Grandpa 🙂

trail 1trail2trail 4trail 3


5 thoughts on “Making Memories

  1. Oh,how sweet! You bring me to tears as I read this at 5:30 in the morning getting ready for work. I treasure the times we spend with Avery because families have no guarantee that they will always live close to each other. So while we live “around the corner”, we’re going to soak up every memory we can!

  2. For me its grandma’s apartment filled with the lusciousness of her rhubarb pie, cherry squares and holiday cookies. She’s been gone from this earth over 25 years now and I still miss her. Maybe on the other side one day she can teach me how to roll that perfect crust for a fruit filled pie and we’ll talk recipes 🙂 Beautiful post!

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