So this is really happening…

I’ve hemmed and hawed for quite some time about starting a blog. But, let’s be honest, who has time for a blog!? Not this chick. For someone like me who has so much going on that I need about 30 hours in a day so that I could use the extra 6 to sleep, I had to really consider if this was a leap I wanted to take. So, here I sit with a glass of wine writing my first blog post. I crumbled, ok?  My son is in his third realm of sleep, my husband is watching some sports related something-or-nother on television and I’m off of work tomorrow so I’m feeling minimal guilt at this specific moment. I’m promising myself that I will not allow this blog to take away from valuable time with my family, so don’t expect a daily blog post that includes a detailed explanation on what I ate for all 3 meals, how high my 3 yr. old can count, and what color underwear I’m wearing today.

I didn’t realize until I actually decided to start a blog how hard it is to come up with a name.  Then it dawned on me, the name does not need to be flashy, or pretty or nauseating. So, instead of “Puppies, Kittens & Rainbows” (just kidding) I went with something simple and real– “From My Kitchen View”. Let me explain what that means. I love my kitchen. I also love my kitchen view. It makes me HAPPY. I enjoy cooking, baking, entertaining and crafting in my kitchen–especially with my little boy. It brings me such joy when I’m cooking dinner, baking, or simply pouring a glass of milk to hear him say, “Mommy, can I help? I wanna help!”  My husband also enjoys a little bit of cooking himself (and thinks he’s the only one capable of properly loading a dishwasher) so sometimes in the Tighe house the phrase “Too many cooks in the kitchen” can become a little too real. All, in all there’s always love in the kitchen.


 Avery doing some Friday night cookie baking

I hope you enjoy my blog as I share my view on a whole potluck of topics from food, to crafting, to family, to faith and all the challenges and joys of life in between.  And now the other component of my blog name…here is my real, kitchen view:

One of many gorgeous sunrises that can be seen from the kitchen window

One of many gorgeous sunrises that can be seen from the kitchen window

A perfect evening to sit outside after dinner

A perfect evening to sit outside after dinner


2 thoughts on “So this is really happening…

  1. Awesome backyard!!! Glad you started a blog you have great photos and fun posts…I’m new to the blog world as well…still has its challenges for me lol!

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